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Continuing the legacy of Foley’s Martial Arts in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Established in 1978.

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Experience the martial arts lifestyle, taught to you by lifelong martial artists.

Since 1976, the Foley name has been synonymous with martial arts in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. Mike Foley Sr. opened the first Foley’s Martial Arts location in 1978 and Michael Foley opened the St. John’s location in 2003. Backed by over four decades of full-time dedication to the martial arts, our academy provides expert instruction in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, and Kickboxing in the city of St. John’s. Our mission is to share our martial arts lifestyle with our academy members. If your goals are healthy living, fitness, stress release, personal development, self defense, or competition, then we have the experience and training structure to help you achieve them. For more information, check out our programs page.

Our Programs

Improve your confidence; Martial arts are a proven method to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.
Build physical strength and wellness; we can help you reach your fitness goals with our fast paced, high energy classes.
Become part of the team; whether you choose to compete or not, you will benefit from training with our world class competition team.

Our Academy Provides:

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What Our Students Say:

“…making a difference…”

My husband and I discovered Michael Foley’s and began training Martial Arts in our 30’s. The coaches are funny, down to earth and wise. The stories of their adventures around the world over the years will educate and entertain you. Thank you, Mike and Erin for making a difference to so many. We are forever changed for the better with the skill set you have given us. See you on the mats!

– Amanda

“Simply fantastic.”

Simply fantastic. The staff are fun, knowledgeable and will push you. I’ve tried a number of clubs in the area and the Foley’s are the best hands down. The availability of class times and different styles mean that there is something for everyone and you’ll never get bored. Five Stars.

– Steve

“My whole family trains…”

My whole family trains at Michael Foley’s Academy of Martial Arts. The club is a safe, inclusive space that encourage kids to thrive. [My kids] learn to escape from tight spots, think under pressure, and protect themselves. We will sleep better at night seeing how strong and capable they are with years of jiujitsu and karate under their belts.

– The Penneys

Begin your martial arts journey with us: improve fitness, relieve stress, and gain self confidence.

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Guidance Through Experience:

Our academy offers expert instruction from a lifelong martial artist. Michael Foley grew up training with his father and has stayed focused on personal development through competition his whole life; first as a very active competitor and then as a dedicated coach. His experience in both roles is extensive and it is the cornerstone of our academy. Each member of our coaching staff carries on that tradition.

We want to ensure the safest and most comfortable training environment possible, therefore our entire coaching staff has CPR & First Aid certifications that are kept up to date and are all required to provide a police background and vulnerability sector check.

Our Coaches

How to get started:

Come join the Foley’s Martial Arts team! Michael Foley’s Academy offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Kenpo Karate training in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Choose the program that most interests you and contact us by phone or by email to sign-up today. See you on the mats!

Michael Foley's Academy of Martial Arts

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