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St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador’s premiere martial arts facility.

Experience the martial arts lifestyle.

Taught to you by lifelong martial artists.

Improve your confidence.

Martial arts are a proven method to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Build physical strength and wellness.

With our fast paced, high energy classes, you will reach your fitness goals.

Become part of the team.

If you choose to compete, you will prepare your body and mind for competition with our world class team.

Get the gear you need to train!

We stock the equipment you require for all of our programs.

Our Academy Provides:

  • Improved heath and fitness while reducing stress.
  • A friendly team atmosphere to support your goals and progress.
  • Flexible scheduling of structured classes throughout the week.
  • A clean and well equipped training environment.
  • First class professional instruction from highly experienced and certified coaches.

What our students say

How have martial arts changed lives? Hear from our students.

My whole family trains at Michael Foley's Academy of Martial Arts. The club is a safe, inclusive space that encourage kids to thrive. [My kids] learn to escape from tight spots, think under pressure, and protect themselves. We will sleep better at night seeing how strong and capable they are with years of jiujitsu and karate under their belts.
A Proud Mom
of two students.
Simply fantastic. The staff are fun, knowledgeable and will push you. I’ve tried a number of clubs in the area and the Foley’s are the best hands down. The availability of class times and different styles mean that there is something for everyone and you’ll never get bored. Five Stars.
Steve Ryan
Student, black belt, 2x WPKA junior world champion, Canadian kickboxing champion.
My husband and I discovered Michael Foley's and began training Martial Arts in our 30's. The coaches are funny, down to earth and wise. The stories of their adventures around the world over the years will educate and entertain you. Thank you, Mike and Erin for making a difference to so many. We are forever changed for the better with the skill set you have given us. See you on the mats!
Amanda Penney

Begin your martial arts journey with us. Fitness, stress relief, and self confidence.

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We specialize in kenpo karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and kickboxing.

Would you like to find out how good you can be?

Expert instruction by lifelong martial artists; guiding your development through experience.

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